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Soup Can 2022 Summer Re-Cap

Another Soup Can Summer is in the books, and the hottest months of the year provided some of the coolest events we've had so far. This season constantly left us feeling inspired and more motivated than ever, having witnessed some incredible performances of poetry and music, as well as witnessing the creation of constantly compelling art. We traveled across the state and met poets, musicians, and artists from all over, and landed in some brick and mortar storefronts and venues that welcomed the culture with wide open arms. We can't help but feel immeasurable gratitude for everyone who opened their doors to our Soup Can family (unofficially known as the Soup Can Party Crashers). Here are some of the most memorable moments of our sophomore summer of soup.

Flynn's Barbershop // Fairlawn, NJ

We connected with Shea at Flynn's Barbershop almost by chance. He found us online, tried to purchase a copy for his shop, and the payment didn't go through. Then he messaged us on Instagram, we struck up a conversation, and it led to us hosting a pop-up in his barbershop. Be on the lookout for another one coming soon!

PERFORMERS: Izzy Miz, Ali Longo, Buttered Roll, Ana Karolina, Phillip McConnell

Atomic Vintage // Belmar, NJ

Sometime in November, Eric at Atomic Vintage sent us a message on Instagram requesting to carry our magazines in his shop. When we showed up, I realized that I'd known him for years from his previous establishment in Point Pleasant. He was very gracious in collaborating with us to make this event possible, just in time to close out Pride Month. We're privileged to have hosted ShinyThing for their first ever performance!

PERFORMERS: Izzy Miz, Madhavi Devi, Charlotte and Co, Blush Ellis, and Host Ali Longo

ParkFest // Bradley Beach, NJ

When were approached by Joe Pom of Telegraph Hill Records (at the wedding of locally lauded drummer Andrew Oliva) about our participation in ParkFest, we were tremendously grateful for the opportunity. The collaboration led to a food drive to support Food Not Bombs, as well as producing a free cultural event for the community to enjoy. The entire day was filled with an unmistakable positive energy, with nonstop phenomenal performances from all the musical acts. Hopefully, this will be the first of many events with the Telegraph Hill Records family.

PERFORMERS: Alexander Simone & WHO DATE Live Crew, Des & the Swagmatics, Cranston Dean, Dano, Lake Champagne, Foes of Fern, Drew the Recluse, Ryver Bey + More

LoFidelic Records // Belmar, NJ

In July, we returned to one of our favorite stomping grounds, the record store with the checkered floor. LoFidelic hosted one of our favorite events in 2021, so it was only right that we returned to recapture the magic once again. We're grateful that LoFidelic exists in the world, and we will always maintain a mutually supportive relationship with David, Ethan, and the entire LoFi crew.

PERFORMERS: Lance Scott Green, Chelsea Palermo, Balistik, Jewlz with a Z, Kay Kestner, Ink

Belmar Arts Council // Belmar, NJ

Tucked away in the corner of one of New Jersey's most popular beach towns is a gallery, snack bar, and venue all wrapped up in one. We enjoyed an evening of poetry and jazz featuring some of our alumni poets, accompanied by guitarist Josh Cabrera, bass legend "BassKidd" Timmy Douglas, and saxophonist and BAC facilitator Matthew Trice. We will definitely be returning to this wonderous space for more events to come. (Watch out for November!)

PERFORMERS: Timmy "BassKidd" Douglas, Joshua Cabrera, Gregory Schwartz, Kay Kestner, Blush Ellis

Punk Rock Flea Market at Pino's // Highland Park, NJ

Skullboy is an underground art institution in New Jersey, and his events are legendary. His Punk Rock Flea Market is no exception whatsoever, featuring a vast array of vendors and killer live music, plus a new addition to the mix- HIS OWN PIZZA SHACK. We are always psyched for this event and will return as long as Skullboy will have us. If you have the means, you absolutely need to go visit and shop at one of his punk markets- and as always, no cover to get in!

PERFORMERS: Outliiiers, Benny Classics, Marin Contini, Candy Cavity, Action Rabbit + More

Yearbook Records // Lanoka Harbor, NJ

For their first event ever, the newly opened Yearbook Records opened their doors to the Soup Can Fam for an evening of punk and poetry. Their space is the epitome of cool, and their hospitality was unmatched. This event marked our first Back to School Supply Drive, and all the attendees showed up for the students of the Garden State. Supplies were left in the care of Mychal Mills, poet and educator in Monmouth County, to be distributed to students in need. We also had some shining stars emerge from the crowd to perform on the open mic, and our fingers are crossed that they submit to a future issue. Go stop by and pick up a copy from our newest retailer, Yearbook Records!

PERFORMERS: Peach Creek, Funeral Doors, Donel, Alex Julia, Alise Versella, Dogmatic

The SpaceBar // Bradley Beach, NJ

Danielle Hoffman wants to do "big things in small spaces", and as the owner of The SpaceBar, she definitely delivered. The idiosyncratic space in downtown Bradley Beach received compliments every time someone walked in the door, and the unique vibes infected every performer of the evening before a packed house. Danielle is the owner of Token Jersey, who set up at our 1st Canniversary in April. We're so psyched that she's been with us on our journey this year, and we're looking forward to her staying on it with us for a long while.

PERFORMERS: Michelle Akin, Don Krypton, Edmond Williams, Greg Schwartz, Vinny Noto, Jewlz with a Z, Tyler Clark + More

Thank you to everyone who joined us on our 2022 Summer pop-up tour! We connected with so many great, energizing people who pour their hearts into their songs, poems, and art. These free community events will continue to be a Soup Can Magazine tradition, and we look forward putting together more in the fall!

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