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Punk is Alive and Well in Highland Park

Pino's Gift Basket Shoppe and Wine Cellar is an institution in Highland Park, New Jersey. They've been serving the community for about a hundred years, initially starting out as a "greengrocery" and evolving over the decades to a wine shoppe and bar, with a lounge, and a stage for live music. NJ legend Tommy Strazza even hosts open mics there on Wednesdays. And now, with all this history and plenty of space, they opened up their doors to a punk rock flea market. Organized by notorious New Jersey underground artist Skullboy, this event took place on November 13th, lasting through the afternoon and even spawning an afterparty with live music into the night. Vendors purveyed goods ranging from clothing and accessories to art, vegan soaps, and musical instruments. There were food trucks and plenty of live performances. Walking through this event, it was very easy to feel a sense of community and belonging. This is more than just a marketplace to trade wares, but a piece of the culture. There was a diversity and inclusivity that was hard to deny. And the best part? They're not charging people at the door just to go spend more money once they're inside! (Let's face it, that's not very punk rock.)

The next Punk Rock Flea Market at Pino's is December 11th.

For more information, click here. To follow Skullboy, click here.

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