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     SOUP CAN Magazine is a quarterly art & poetry print publication based in New Jersey, aiming to celebrate diversity and dismantle systems of oppression through cultural expression. We feature artists, musicians, and poets from across the globe.

Issue #8 Contributors:

Fin Handel // Eli Wagner // Chris Rockwell // Zee C // Rita B. Rose // Munsif Husami // Luisa Ruiz // Tyler Clark // John Chmura // David Hernandez // Alison Lubar // Nikki Nous // Joe Galuppo // Zachary J. Ferrara // Deborah Pohl // Jamin Mattison // Nicole Bee // Shannon Frost Greenstein // Chloë Oliveira // Sy P Deunom // Kevin Razlog // Cole Capriotti // Christy E. O'Connor // Chris Dorian // Eve's Artistry // Niko Teak // Michael Dewhirst // S0ulfood

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