SOUP CAN Magazine is a quarterly art & poetry print publication based in New Jersey, aiming to celebrate diversity and dismantle systems of oppression through cultural expression. We feature artists, musicians, and poets from across the globe.

Issue #6 Contributors:

Yazid Dalil // Alexander Blandon // Chris Rockwell // Julie Hmieleski (Jewlz wit a Z) // Daniel Johnson // Djuna Skye // Jason Moss// Alexander Simone // Jalraxe // Tohm Bakelas // Tommy Krause // Jason Ryberg // Kay Kestner // Paula Nelson // Bernard Collins // Blush Ellis // Krystle J Bailey // JaQuita May // Buttered Roll // Sarah Becktel // Kaitlin McGowan // D. Gurdinak // Florence-Susanne Reppert // R. Bremner // Steve Zmijewski // Rachel Therres // Paul Budd // Spiral Eye

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