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Montclair Zine Fest Set to Return this Saturday

Updated: Mar 23

2023 Montclair Zine Fest

If you don't know what a zine is, I don't even know how you made it to this blog. As for the uninitiated, zines, short for “magazines,” have been a staple in the DIY art scene for decades. These typically self-published booklets, often made with paper and a photocopier, allow creators to share their personal stories and perspectives with the world. And on March 23rd, 2024, the vibrant town of Montclair, New Jersey will once again be hosting the Montclair Zine Fest, showcasing the works of local emerging artists of all disciplines.

Zine creator Shane Paul Neil

Why a zine fest? In an era of NFTs and flat screens, many creatives feel it's still necessary to celebrate tangible art. "We have seen the desire to get back to tactile experiences as many of us have become tired/exhausted by everything digital," says creator Shane Paul Niel. "The resurgence of vinyl is a great example. Zines represent that same kind of call-back to physical media. Zinefest serves as proof of the resurging trend. More importantly, the zine is in itself an underappreciated art form that needs to be highlighted."

Jersey City based artist Joy Velasco lends further insight. "Zines are an accessible form of media that anyone can make. You don't have to be best technical artist--you just need an idea and that's what I love about the medium. Zine fests bring the people together," she explains.

Among the exhibiters will be Partially Shy Magazine, a literary magazine showcasing all written and visual genres. "We are queer owned and half POC owned," describes Co-Editor in Chief Sarah McKeirnan. "Our debut issue was released in November of last year and we are excitedly preparing issue two. As an organization, we believe in free online spaces, vulnerable art and storytelling, accessibility, and equality. We feel art and justice are thoroughly intertwined and we try to do what we can."

Spotlighting a rich community of diverse creators, the Montclair Zine Fest serves as a reminder of the importance of self-expression and community in this ever-evolving digital world. It provides a space for artists to come together, share their stories, and inspire each other to continue creating and pushing boundaries. This Saturday, catch us at Montclair Zine Fest!

Featured Zines and Artists:

Atomic Demon Art Cypress Wilde ENDNØ Eliza Duudles Emma Cornwell

ephemeras Literary Magazine Genevieve Cece Gold Carson Sanchez

Guts Tank Imaginethiscomic Joy Velasco * Janelly Rodriguez

Kayley Flynn Kendra Banach  Listening Station Eight * Lloronajpeg  

Marvin Allister Art * Miles Blake

Montclair Photography Group Nina Tsur Partially Shy Magazine

Ren Chu Rose Ragnarok Art Sawyer Conlon * SOUP CAN Magazine

victorianabuela World War 3 Zach Rios

Organizations and Media

East Side Mags

Indie Arts Montclair

Invisible Choir

Montclair Area Solidarity Network

Montclair Beyond Policing

PM Press


Silver Stream Studios

The Final Straw Radio

Terry’s Serendipity Café

Live Music

1:30 pm - The Ray Bally Band

2:30 pm - The Sunken City 

Workshops and Presentations

Make Music Day in Northern NJ

Thank you to these supporting businesses.

Almost Ready Records

Paper Plane Coffee Co.

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