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This Weekend, Real Hip-Hop Reaches Belmar, New Jersey

On Saturday night, Hip-Hop makes its way to Belmar, New Jersey of all places, and we've got one artist to share with us why Grind Mode Cypher is going to live up to the hype and then some. Pryme Prolifik is a name only whispered around cyphers in New Jersey. He's been in the game for years, paying dues and gaining respect along the way with his raspy, powerful voice and fearless stage presence. This weekend, he's joining a list of other talented emcees at Salty's Beach Bar, a venue looking to etch its name in the New Jersey music scene, for Time 4 Sum Aksion. We were fortunate enough to have a conversation with Pryme, and he's got us amped for what's in store.

How did this cypher event organized? How'd you get involved? 

Through Grindmode Cypher and Jersey Emcee Frankie V…. I got involved with Grindmode through my Group Invaders of The Universe….(Misk Kromeatose Billy Ballantine and Pryme Prolifik)

How long have you been rocking cypher events like this one? What's your personal history with events like this? 

This Particular Cypher Style, about a year. This will be my Fourth Cypher with Grindmode. Also have Done Cyphers with Marsten House. Both are Great Platforms for exposure to artists with great talent. Shout to Lingo And Ayok from Grindmode and Shout to Steve Sxaks  and Ethan at Marsten House both Worldwide Movements.

Who are you sharing the stage with? Anyone you've played with before? 

Invaders Of the Universe, Lingo and Ayok, Mickey Bourbon, Frankie V, Pizzo and Da Infamous Amadeus of the world famous Punchline Academy from Shade 45

What's the format of the show going to be like? What can the audience expect? 

They shoot videos for the cypher in between you will see dope performances of many different skilled emcees it’s a very dope tight knit network.

How do you prepare for an event like this? 

Have to record my verse and practice so I know it for video. Also will be performing with IOU and my bro Pizzo who is also a dope Jersey Emcee.

What do you hope for in the wake of the cypher? What do you want to come next for the New Jersey Hip-Hop scene? 

I hope to continue to network and build with Grindmode and hope to attract other dope NJ emcees to build with. Also, their brand is authentic and they provide a great platform for emcees of all genres from the choppers, spitters, and heavy bars. I want the NJ hip hop scene to expand and people to start travelling back and forth to shows across the state. And beyond. 

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