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1st Canniversary at The Strand Theater

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

This past Saturday, we opened the doors of the historic Strand Theater in Lakewood, NJ to poetry, music, and art as we celebrated our first year in publication. We're beyond grateful for all the attendees who turned out to support the culture in this community, and especially to those who brought food donations for our very first food drive.

Amanda and I worked tirelessly on this event for months, and we were so grateful and excited to reconnect with so many of our fellow artists and creatives. When I asked her what her favorite part of the event was, she said, "Seeing everyone support each other."

The performances were stellar, and every poet and musician poured themselves out on the stage. Artists overtook the gallery, most painting on the spot moment to moment. Throughout the lobby, the vendors were selling their incredible handmade wares and connecting with each other, networking, and even becoming friends. And all this, of course, occurred over coffee, courtesy of Bean Muggin' Coffee Co.

We are thankful that the event was such a success and hope to make it even bigger and better next year. The two of us left the theater buzzing with inspiration and motivation, and we cannot wait for what's to come. Thanks to everyone that's been part of our first year, and we hope there are many more.

Shoutout to our vendors:

Damn Straight Entertainment

Token Jersey

Djuna Skye

Soleil Nigro

Grim Garden

Satan's Candy

Cozy Ghost Crafts

The Shoppe

Toma Doma Vintage

Bold and Groovy

Bean Muggin Coffee Co.

Shoutout to our artists:

Paula Nelson

Eve's Artistry


Acrylic Gorgon

Zee C / Decopopz

Nikki Nous

Shoutout to our Performers: Blaise

Heather Hills


Chill Smith

Madhavi Devi

James Dalton

Blush Ellis

Nourish Cruz

Mychal Mills

Chelsea Palermo

Sam Rubinstein

and special guest Talena Lachelle Queen

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