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Tuckerton PorchFest: What You Need to Know

Updated: Mar 25

Molly Cogar, performing at Lizzie Rose Music Room at 11:55am

On March 30th, Tuckerton will host it's very first PorchFest, a walkable music and poetry festival celebrating local creatives across six stages throughout the town. The performances will be taking place throughout Tuckerton between 11:00am and 7:00pm. The event date is a rescheduled from September 23rd, which was postponed due to unsafe weather. This year, there is a scheduled a rain date for April 6th.

Sagar Desai, Playing Lady Magpie's Tea & Curiosities at 5:55pm

Spearheaded by locally lauded singer/songwriter Amy Elizabeth, PorchFest is taking over this small town in a big way. This inaugural event features poets and songwriters from throughout New Jersey performing on porches around the town. The idea for Tuckerton PorchFest was first inspired by similar events in other towns across the country, where musicians and poets would perform on porches and front yards, turning these spaces into intimate and welcoming stages. The community of Tuckerton saw the potential for this event to bring people together and showcase the talent of local artists, and thus the first Tuckerton PorchFest was born.

This festival is not just about the music and poetry, but also about supporting the small businesses in the town. Most of the porches and front yards that serve as stages are owned by local shops, restaurants, and galleries, and more, giving these businesses a chance to showcase their products and services to a large audience while also supporting the arts.

Not only will PorchFest bring people together, but it will also promote a sense of inclusivity and diversity. The festival features artists from various genres, ages, and backgrounds, showcasing the diversity of the local community. This inclusivity is also reflected in the festival's accessibility, as it is free and open to all.


  • The Mitch Walsh Porch has been relocated to the Wasserman Residence at 149 E. Main St. All performances will commence as scheduled.

  • Amy Elizabeth Band and Burnt Tavern are swapping sets

  • Skarlett Kardinall is performing at Lady Magpie's Tea & Curiosities at 5:00pm

The Porches:

  • Tuckerton Seaport - 120 W. Main St.

  • The Lizzie Rose Music Room - 217 E. Main St.

  • Lady Magpie's Tea & Curiosities - 120 W Main St.

  • Seaport Tattoo Parlor 17 E Main St.

  • Wasserman Residence - 149 E. Main St.

  • The Union Market & Gallery 120 W Main St.


  • Tuckerton Seaport

  • Tip Seaman Park

  • The Union Market & Gallery



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