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This Sunday: The Impulse Jam Returns!

Rocking out for a cause is a pastime here at the Jersey Shore, with musicians, poets, and performers alike rallying for charity throughout the state in the spirit of giving back to the communities that raised us all. July 30th marks no exception, with the return of the 2nd TS Impulse Jam to River Rock in Brick, NJ. Organized by Christy Mazzarisi, this concert event is free and open to the public, aiming to raise awareness for Tourette's Syndrome.

A benefit concert for the Tourette Association of America (TAA), there will be more than just music and live entertainment. Gift raffles, face painting, and more accompany food and drinks as part of Dine to Donate, with portions of every restaurant check going to TAA. The stage is set, and the lineup is ready to rock, featuring local favorites The Well Wish, DJ Jaymie Perez, Chris Rockwell Collective, Daniel Ferror, and a star in the making returning to the TS Impulse Jam, Jayce Mazzarisi. We were fortunate enough to catch Jayce for a few questions to get to know him, and we're so psyched that we did.

Tell us about your music. What kinda music do you make? I have perfect pitch and found out when I was six. I have been playing piano since I was five and love to play mashups of songs.

How long have you been creating?

Five years! Wow, you've been going for half your life! What inspires you to be creative? My family tree inspires me to make music. My family has been making music for generations and it makes me want to keep playing and learning. What are the biggest obstacles to overcome when making music? Messing up in front of someone I am trying to impress is scary. Have you been to any concerts before? Have you seen any of your favorite musicians live? I’ve only been to my dad’s small band gigs, but I would love to see I Prevail, my favorite rock band, when I am a bit older. What are you most excited about for the upcoming Impulse Jam? My friends are all coming to encourage and support me and that makes me happy. They like to learn about and support my tics. How many times have you performed in your life? I have played in front of a hotel lobby once in Pennsylvania, and for many piano recitals. Also, I played last year at the first ever Impulse Jam 2022.

Who's your favorite musician or band? Who would you want to go on tour with?

Brian Burkheiser is the lead singer for I Prevail and I would love a chance to tour with them or even play one song.

Enjoy a day of fun, spreading education, and awareness about Tourette’s and tic disorders; all while raising money towards more support and better treatments. This is event is free to attend and open to all ages.

Date: July 30th, 2023

Time: 12:00pm-5:00pm

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