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The "True" Punk Rock Flea Market is Back

Skullboy is an underground icon in the New Jersey arts scene. He's a multifaceted persona that dips his brush in visual art, event curation, and even PIZZA (we'll get to that...)! His more recent playground has been Pino's Gift Basket Shoppe, Wine Bar, and Lounge, an institution in Highland Park, NJ for over one hundred years, known for their wine and, of course, their events. And it's at this legendary venue this Saturday where Skullboy will be throwing his next Punk Rock Flea Market, featuring live music, vendors, artists, and slices from his very own pizzeria, "Skullboy's Pizza Shack", located inside. Why do we call this a "true" punk rock flea market? Because you don't have to pay to get in...

Leading up to this rousing event, we had the opportunity to catch up with a mainstay at the Punk Rock Flea Market, as well as Soup Can Magazine alumnus, Djuna Skye, who will once again be selling her wares this weekend. (It is because of Punk Rock Flea Market that we even had to opportunity to meet Djuna!) We took to chatting about the event, and got her take on what's in store.

How long have you been doing the punk rock flea market? How did you initially get involved?

Since November 2021! I found out about the event through ads on Instagram, it sounded like a cool event, so I was excited to become a part of it.

What makes it such a good fit for your art?

I think it's more fitting for me as a person. It's local, accessible for beginner vendors, and Pino's in general is a really nice, welcoming place! I feel comfortable enough to be there and present myself, and my art.

What was your favorite aspect of the past events at Pino's?

I'm always happy to meet new people and find cool art by others. There's a particular piece I bought last time that I love! And many things I would have liked to buy if I could.

Your sister is talented as well! Will she be joining you again this time around?

Yes! My sister is a vendor, as well as my mom. We'll all be vending this time around. Our spots will be separate though, but likely close together.

What can people expect this Saturday?

From me, well, I'll have the usual, plus a few new/unique pieces. A new embroidery, a new sticker design, more crocheted keychains, possibly some shirts as well, but if not, I'll have the shirts ready for next time!

Djuna's art was featured in our most recent issue, which will be available for sale at the event. Make sure you pull up to the Punk Rock Flea Market at Pino's in Highland Park this Saturday to see Djuna Skye and many other artists and creatives, and stop by the Soup Can Magazine table to say what's up!

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