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Smithville Art Talk: Bryna Zuradski

This year's Smithville Art Walk is September 18th, and SOUP CAN MAGAZINE be there with zines galore. Leading up to this event, we will be interviewing a handful of the featured artists involved. The first one is Bryna Zuradski of Hippy Witch Creations. We were fortunate enough to chat with her, and even check out some of her art.

So Bryna, where are you based?

Based out of south NJ

How long have you been creating art?

I've been creating art for the past 24 years.

How would you describe your art?

I would describe my art as vibrant, detailed, & colorful with a mixture horror/pop culture inspiration thrown in.

What mediums do you typically use?

For a long time I typically used Faber Castle pens, Prisma color markers, & copic markers on mixed media Canson art pads. That was before I got into painting. Now I typically use different brands of acrylic paint, oil paint pens, & seal based clear coat on canvas.

How long have you been involved with the Smithville Art Walk?

I've been involved with the Smithville Artwalk since 2013.

Who would you say are your biggest artistic influences?

Alex Pardee, Monster man Graphics, & Lisa Frank. Billy Webb from Evolution Tattoo. His style is very iconic, and a lot of his tattoos are very vibrant which is something that I feature in all my paintings, illustrations, graphic designs. All my stuff is vibrant and in your face. I love pop art and color even when I'm doing macabre art inspired from horror. I met Monster Man Graphics when I was 16 at the Cherry Hill Monster Mania shows and I've always admired his work, too.

Is there a message or feeling you're hoping to express with your art?

I hope that my creations inspire people to feel comfortable enough to be themselves.

Follow Bryna on Instagram: hippy_witch_creations

Founded and hosted by Underground since 2011, Smithville Artwalk is a curated biannual gathering of 75 artists celebrating pop and lowbrow art in all forms. But, it's not just an art show - each event features music, entertainment, contests and special guests. Join us for what has become the largest assemblage of proudly off beat artists in Jersey!

For more information on the Smithville Art Walk, visit Smithville Artwalk – The Original Underground

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