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Eyes Wide Open Mic Debuts in Asbury Park

Saturday night, Soup Can alumnus Blush Ellis debuted her meticulously curated show Eyes Wide Open Mic, a mixture of music, poetry, and comedy, at Asbury Park's darling indie bookstore, Asbury Book Cooperative. A poet and something of a comedienne herself, Blush commands respect in the scene due to her strong writing and flammable wit, so her lineup was stacked with local talent.

The show, however, was not without its hiccups in the planning stages. It underwent not one, but two venue changes. Resolute to accomplish her goal, Blush persisted and landed right in the heart of Asbury Park, on a perfect Saturday night, at a bookstore with an upright piano in the front. All the performances were electric, whether plugged in or not, and the space was filled to the ceiling with camaraderie and love.

The lineup included: Rebecca Weber Burnt Tavern

Sarah Congress

Vin Brue

Emerson Woolf


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