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Community Gathers in Tuckerton to Daydream for a Cause

This past Saturday, we had the absolute honor of presenting the first Daydream festival, a celebration of music, poetry, and art to benefit the locally lauded David's Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation, which took place at The Union Market & Gallery in the Tuckerton Seaport. Vendors, makers, poets, and musicians alike took over the space surrounding The Union Market, transforming the space into a bustling miniature fairground, enjoying the crafts and wares the vendors had to offer and the soundscapes provided by performers from across the country.

The owners and staff at Union Market & Gallery are no strangers to opening up their spot to the community, and their space is famously safe and inclusive. Collaborating with them always ensures positive energy and smiles all around, which is partially due to their delicious coffee. They are quickly becoming a cultural hub in Tuckerton, where people know they can find art, live music, and support for local causes.

Of course, a special shoutout has to go out to all our vendors, not to mention the outstanding performances by our poets and musical guests, and the sound mixing provided by Chill Smith of Chillville Studio. The day was hot, but the vibes were chill. We saw performances from Ocean County hip-hop heads Nick Nubz & New Br33d, featuring guest vocalist Diamons, as well as stellar sets from Izzy Miz, S0ulFood, Damian Rucci, Mwikali Words, Tom Leveille from Virginia, aLunarlanding from Maine, and more! All in all, we collectively raised over $1,500 for David's Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation, which goes to aid families affected by a cancer diagnosis. Today, we're thankful for the love and local support to make events like these possible.

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