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Smithville Art Talk: Onkel Chrispy

We got to chat with Onkel Chrispy, another artist featured in the Smithville Art Walk on Saturday September 18th in Historic Smithville!

So Onkel Chrispy, where are you based?

Atlantic County

How long have you been creating art?

Since the first season of Barney Miller

How would you describe your art?

Fun, cartoony, pop slop made with love and psychosis

What mediums do you typically use?

I’m a mixed media artist, so everything from conventional paint and ink to found items like trash and natural objects.

How long have you been involved with the Smithville Art Walk?

Since the dawn of time

Is there a message or feeling you're hoping to express with your art?

I’m just trying to re-contextualize the world around me and process stress and trauma...but any messages people take away from what I do is none of my business.

Follow Onkel Chrispy on Instagram and Tumblr!

Founded and hosted by Underground since 2011, Smithville Artwalk is a curated biannual gathering of 75 artists celebrating pop and lowbrow art in all forms. But, it's not just an art show - each event features music, entertainment, contests and special guests. Join us for what has become the largest assemblage of proudly off beat artists in Jersey!

For more information on the Smithville Art Walk, visit Smithville Artwalk – The Original Underground

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