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LOVE BEACH BLVD: Brand Opens Flagship Store in Atlantic City as a Safe Space for LGBTQ+

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

On Friday, February 11th, Love Beach Blvd. opened the doors of their flagship store in the heart of Atlantic City, NJ at the Noyes Arts Garage. Started by Daydrian Love & Miko Beach, Love Beach Blvd. was a way of turning their collaborative efforts into a brand aiming to inspire, support and service the LGBTQIA+ community that they both are part of. The space will serve as a work-studio for the pair to create art, as well as a retail location and comfortable safe space for their local queer neighbors.

The event coincided with Noyes Second Fridays, their monthly open-house style event to invite the public to enjoy live music and refreshments and meet the artists in the gallery, and the public definitely showed up. Providing the soundtrack to the evening was Bakko, a singer songwriter with a captivating live show. The evening saw droves of people turn out for the festivities, and Love Beach Blvd. did not disappoint. Coupled with their warm, welcoming presence, their modest boutique features in house designed clothing as well as an array of denim and leather pieces that can be painted custom to order. From the hand-painted murals on the wall to the unique merchandise, it is apparent that this brand has a distinct voice, and something loud and proud to say.

"Special shout-out to Michael Cagno, the rest of the arts garage staff & Stockton university for giving us an opportunity to create a space for the LGBTQIA+ community, " remarks Miko. "And big thank you to everyone who came out to support, show love, and build with us."

Follow @lovebeachblvd on Instagram or visit their store in the Noyes Art Garage in Atlantic City, NJ.

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